Vanilla Gourmet Mist Diffuser Refill

Enter an olfactory whirlwind where rhum, vanilla pod and tonka bean intertwine to form a gourmet composition.

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The Vanilla Gourmet Home Fragrance is a delicately smooth fragrance that opens with an intoxicating rum facet accompanied with the milky sweetness of star anise. The heart is rich with the complex savour of vanilla pods. At the base, emphasised with the strength of cocoa beans and Tonka beans, the fragrance gently wraps itself in the creamy sweetness of musk.

  • Head noteRhum, Anise
  • Heart noteVanilla liquor, Vanilla pod
  • Base noteCocoa, Tonka beans, Musk
Height 15.2 cm
Width 15.2 cm
Length 7.5 cm
Capacity 475 ml
Reference 006875
Regulatory information Contains a biocide (preservative) - potassium (E.E)-hexa-2.4-dienoate.
Diffusion time (+/-) 40h
Ready-to-use solution with just the right amount of fragrance; no risk of under- or over-dosing. Reduces build-up of limescale and deposits.
Only use the refills that are specific to Maison Berger Paris electric diffusers in order for them to work correctly.

Enjoy a gourmet olfactory escapade in the heart of your home with the Vanilla Gourmet Mist Diffuser Refill. With its ready-to-use solution and the right dose of perfume, this product is incomparable in its simplicity. There is no need to add water, perfume or essential oils. Simply pour it into your mist diffuser to enjoy an instant fragrant atmosphere. The powerful aromatic complexity of the rum mixes with tasty vanilla and the powdery roundness of tonka bean. Spicy aniseed combines with intoxicating rum scents, awakening your senses with a touch of sensuality. Meanwhile, creamy vanilla liqueur and sweet vanilla pod create a feeling of comfort and indulgence. In the background , cocoa, tonka bean and musk bring a certain depth and envelop the overall effect with warmth. This Vanilla Gourmet Mist Diffuser Refill is ideal to offer you a moment of relaxation and pleasure, filled with delights.