Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of the Lampe Berger?

Lampe Berger purifies and perfumes the air indoors like no other system. Catalytic diffusion, which has been perfected over the years, destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable odours. This property makes the Lampe Berger an essential ally for anyone wanting to breathe purified air, whilst enjoying the effective diffusion of fragrances and a splendid decorative item.

In which room can the Lampe Berger be used?

You can use a Lampe Berger in any room in your home: lounge, reception room, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, corridor, hallway. The atmosphere created in each room will be different depending on the fragrance and the design of the lamp you choose. The ideal situation is to have several lamps and have one fragrance per lamp.

Lampe Berger diffuses the scent rapidly, evenly and lastingly, even in a large room. With an incredible variety of styles, shapes and materials (glass, porcelain, crystal, etc.), the lamp collection will decorate every interior.

Can the Lampe Berger be left permanently on?

For optimal use, your Lampe Berger should remain lit for 30 minutes for a 12m² room. Look after your item to properly enjoy your Lampe Berger by watching the tutorial!

Can the Lampe Berger be used in the presence of children?

Yes, you can use a Lampe Berger in the presence of children, as long as you follow the recommendations for use and ensure that children do not handle the lamp themselves and that the lamp is not within their reach.

How should I choose my first lamp?

Purchasing a Lampe Berger is opting for a unique and high quality object. With an incredible variety of styles, shapes and materials (glass, porcelain, crystal, etc.), the lamp collection will decorate every interior. To guide you in choosing your lamp, an on-line help module is available; a few questions will be enough to suggest the right lamps for your interior.

Retailers of Lampes Berger are also at your disposal to share their expertise and advise you in choosing your first lamp.

What is the life span of a lamp?

Lampes Berger are of very high quality. By looking after your lamp properly, your Lampe Berger will accompany you for many years!

In particular, it is important to only use Maison Berger Paris perfume in your Lampe Berger. This way, the burner can last for one year or 200 uses; remember to regularly renew it for optimal use of your Lampe Berger.



Can fragrances other than those by Maison Berger Paris be used in a Lampe Berger?

Only the use of Maison Berger Paris perfumes with the Maison Berger Paris catalytic process guarantee quality and safe use of the Lampe Berger. Using any other perfume than those by Maison Berger Paris could damage your Lampe Berger irreversibly.

Is it possible to blend Maison Berger Paris perfumes?

Each of our perfumes is a unique olfactory composition that guarantees quality perfuming and optimal diffusion. To enjoy the benefits of your Lampe Berger, you should not mix perfumes together.

However, if you want to modulate the intensity, you can add Neutre Air Pur to your Lampe Berger.

How do you change the perfume?

To change the perfume in your lamp, burn Neutre Air Pur in your lamp for 20 minutes; you can then use the new Maison Berger Paris perfume of your choice.

To enjoy several olfactory notes in your interior, the ideal situation is to have several lamps and to allocate a perfume per lamp.

Why does catalytic combustion destroy odours but...

...not the odours of the Maison Berger Paris perfume?

Maison Berger Paris strives to perpetuate and protect its technique. The House has a technical centre in Limoges, carries out R&D permanently and files patents.

There are two zones in the burner. An external part, a catalytic zone, where the temperature reaches around 500°C, which allows for the catalytic oxidation of alcohol and destroys unwanted odours. A central part, with a much lower temperature (200°C), which diffuses the Home Fragrance whilst perfectly preserving the notes and thus guaranteeing excellent olfactory quality.

Why is there isopropyl alcohol in Maison Berger Paris perfumes and not another alcohol?

Attentive to the quality of air indoors, Maison Berger Paris commits to only diffuse substances which are perfectly managed and controlled. Maison Berger Paris works with the best French perfume-makers to develop refined olfactory universes and strives invariably to guarantee the harmlessness of its products. Isopropyl alcohol perfectly meets the promises of quality and harmlessness of Maison Berger Paris.

How do I know which perfume to choose?

Perfume is the heart of our business, and we focus on rich olfactory creations and on the composition of the notes. The rich and varied collections, based on exceptional fragrances, are a real tribute to French tradition and know-how.

To help you choose your home fragrance, there is an online module to guide you, to find the perfume that best meets your wishes and your interior.

Lampe Berger retailers can also help you discover the rich olfactory universe of Maison Berger Paris, with testers at your disposal.

My favourite perfume is no longer on sale, what can I do?

Some perfumes are sometimes deleted. Let the online guide help you to find the perfume that will best meet your expectations and your interior.

What are Maison Berger Paris’ requirements in terms of the quality of its perfumes?

Our specifications are very strict concerning perfumes. We only use substances that are controlled by an independent laboratory, which do not create smoke or undesirable fumes while the perfume is diffused. Our strict internal requirements are applied at every step of perfume creating.

Do home fragrances have an expiry date?

No, our perfumes do not have an expiry date.

Is there a difference between lamp fragrances by the Maison Berger Paris brand and Lampe Berger Paris fragrances?

The Maison Berger Paris brand designs, produces and sells the perfumes for Lampe Berger. In some shops, you may find Lampe Berger Paris perfumes; they are the same as the Maison Berger Paris lamp refills.



What is the point of using a scented bouquet?

The collection of Maison Berger Paris scented bouquets is an invitation to discover another way of perfuming your interior and decorating it with elegance. Thanks to the cold perfuming system by capillarity, the fragrances are diffused for several weeks, intensely or delicately.

How long is the diffusion time of a scented bouquet?

A scented bouquet filled with 125ml of perfume diffuses for around 8 weeks.

How can I revive my bouquet?

To optimise the efficiency of your scented bouquet, remember the turn the twigs regularly. You can also remove or add twigs to modulate the intensity of the perfume and to make it last longer.

When should I buy new twigs?

All of our bouquets are refillable with Maison Berger Paris bouquet refills. Every time you use a new perfume in your bouquet, you need to renew the diffusing twigs to fully enjoy the scent.

Is it possible to put Lampe Berger perfumes in the scented bouquets?

Our perfumes are designed especially for each diffusion mode and must not be mixed or used otherwise. For a diffusing bouquet, ensure you choose the bouquet refills.

What is the difference between the black polymer twigs and the willow twigs in the bouquets?

We offer different diffusing twigs, designed especially for intense or delicate perfuming. Opt for intense diffusion with polymer twigs, for a sleek and contemporary result. Or perhaps you prefer the natural look of willow twigs. Or choose ceramic objects in floral shapes, for milder diffusion and a fancy decorative choice.



Why use a scented candle?

With the warmth of the flame and the conviviality of the ritual, the Maison Berger Paris candle collection will bring your interior to life and tell many stories: the caress of cotton, the freshness of verbena, the exoticism of amber, the nostalgia of soaps from yesteryear, etc.

What are the candles made of?

Caring about the quality and harmlessness of its products, Maison Berger Paris has developed candles made of 100% plant-origin wax, colourant-free, vegan and with cotton wicks for clean burning.

How do they differ from conventional candles?

Maison Berger Paris candles are different in many ways: they are vegan, made of plant-origin wax and colourant-free. The wick is made of cotton. Hand-moulded and scented through the body, they offer unrivalled uniform and refined diffusion.

How long does a Maison Berger Paris candle last?

The life span of a candle depends on its size. Used normally, a 210g candle lasts around 35 hours; a 180g candle around 30 hours and a 680g candle around 80 hours.

How do I look after my candle?

To make your Maison Berger Paris candle last, regularly cut the wick and make sure the wick is straight before lighting it. After it has been lit for a few seconds, a “pool” forms around the wick and the delicate scent is released. Look after your candle properly by watching the tutorial.



What is the diffusion time of the fragrance?

The car diffuser is rechargeable and provides a lasting scented environment. The ceramic refills ensure optimal use for around 4 weeks.

Are there difference fragrances?

The car diffuser fragrance collection is available in Aroma, Parfums plaisir and anti-odour lines. Take your favourite fragrance with you as you travel and add a decorative touch to your vehicle's passenger compartment.

Where should I put my diffuser in my car?

Put your car diffuser on the fan for optimal diffusion. Look after your car diffuser properly by watching the tutorial.



After switching on my device, I notice that there is no, or little, mist. What should I do?

  • Check that the power cable is properly plugged in and that the diffuser is on.
  • The solution used is not suitable for the device. Only Maison Berger Paris ready-to-use solutions guarantee the proper operation of our diffusers.
  • If your diffuser flashes 5 times when switched on, this informs you that there is an insufficient amount of perfume in the reservoir. To solve this, just add the required amount in the receptacle.
  • Ensure that the quantity of perfume does not exceed the maximum level in the reservoir, which is 80 ml. Otherwise, empty out any excess.
  • Check that nothing is contaminating the ultra-sound plate. If there is, clean it with a soft cloth.
  • Inspect the mist output and the slot which may be blocked and remove any obstructions.
  • Check that diffusion was not stopped using the remote control (diffusion off button pressed down).

The mist stopped while my device was working. Why is this?

If your diffuser flashes 5 times when switched on, this informs you that there is an insufficient amount of perfume in the reservoir. To solve this, just add the required amount in the receptacle.

When my diffuser switches off, after using the full amount of perfume solution, I notice that there is still a little bit of perfume in the diffuser reservoir, is this normal?

It is normal for there to be a small amount of perfume residue after each use.

If you want to use the same perfume in your diffuser, fill it up again to 80 ml.

If you want to change the perfume, discard the remaining perfume and clean the reservoir with a soft cloth before filling it up again with the perfume refills for Maison Berger Paris electric diffuser.

Why isn't' the remote control working?

Ensure that the plastic strip has been removed.

The battery may be dead; replace it with a CR2025 battery.

It is also possible that the electric diffuser is not detecting the remote control, therefore be careful to point the remote control at the diffuser and to be no more than 3 metres away.

I noticed sparks when plugging in the electric diffuser, why is this?

You must have plugged in the power cable before connecting it to the electric diffuser.

However, the power cable must be connected to the diffuser before being connected to the electrical supply. It is essential to do things in this order to avoid any malfunctioning.

The diffuser is not turning on.

Check that the power cable is properly plugged in.

Make sure that the on/off button on the remote control or under the diffuser is properly pressed down.

There is foam in the Maison Berger Paris ready-to-use solution, is this normal?

If the solution is shaken, it is normal for there to be foam. Let the solution rest before use.



Can I use the Night & Day diffuser both to help me get to sleep and to help me wake up?

Yes. Both modes (help to sleep and help to wake up) are independent. You can therefore use your Night & Day diffuser to help you get to sleep and to help you wake up. To do this, just activate sleep mode and also remember to activate the morning alarm.

How many capsules are in 1 box?

Each box contains 1 fragrance capsule, but once you have reached 30 uses, you can buy the fragrance capsules of your choice individually.

How long does a capsule last?

1 capsule equates to 30 diffusions of 5 minutes each. Based on a rhythm of using the diffuser once per day, each capsule therefore lasts one month.

Do all the fragrance capsules work for the help-to-sleep mode and the help-to-wake up mode?

Out of all the fragrances on sale, the AROMA DREAM fragrance capsule has been designed specifically to help you get to sleep, while the AROMA WAKE-UP fragrance capsule has been designed to help you wake up. However, some fragrances, for example AROMA RELAX and AROMA D-STRESS, can be used both to help you get to sleep and to help you wake up.

Can you put 2 fragrance capsules in the diffuser at once: one capsule to sleep and one capsule to wake up?

No, it is not possible to put 2 fragrance capsules in the Night & Day diffuser. The Night & Day diffuser has been designed based on a thematic approach, with one theme linked to helping you get to sleep, and one theme linked to helping you wake up. Therefore, only one capsule at once can be used in the Night & Day diffuser.  You can therefore either choose a capsule to help you get to sleep, or a capsule to help you wake up.

Are the fragrance capsules recyclable?

Yes, the capsules are recyclable. To recycle them, just take them to the recycling plant with electrical waste.

What is the colour of the light of the Night & Day diffuser?

The light has a warm colour and reproduces the light of the rising sun to help you wake up gently.

Is the light gradual to wake up gently?

Yes, 2 minutes before the programmed wake-up time, the Night & Day diffuser lights up with a warm light that gradually brightens to wake you up gently.

How many tunes does the Night & Day diffuser have?

There are 5 tunes recorded in the Night & Day diffuser to wake you up gently according to your preferences.

Can I adjust the volume of the tune to wake me up?

Yes, when setting the Night & Day diffuser, after selecting the tune you want, you can choose the volume. You have a choice of 15 volume levels.

Does the Night & Day diffuser have a SNOOZE mode?

Yes, the Night & Day diffuser has a SNOOZE mode.

When the alarm goes off, there are 2 options:

Option 1: Hold down any button. In this case, the alarm stops and SNOOZE mode is enabled.

Option 2: Let the alarm play and do not press any button, in which case SNOOZE mode will be enabled. In this case, the light and tune will come on again for 1 minute, 10 minutes after the initially programmed time. The operation can be repeated 5 times.

Can I adjust the brightness of the screen?

No, it is not possible to adjust the brightness of the screen. However, just hold down to disable the backlight and switch off the screen. Press any button to briefly turn on the screen and hold down to turn the backlight back on.

I can only sleep in complete darkness, can I switch off the light?

Yes, the backlight can be switched off and you can rest without any light interference. It can be turned on and off with the icon (insert icon)  

If there is a power cut, is the wake-up time kept?

Yes, the Night & Day has a capacitor (electric reservoir) which keeps the time in the event of a power cut.

In sleep mode, can I programme the diffusion time?

No, it is not possible to programme anything. To activate sleep mode, just hold down the button on the top of the Night & Day. Sleep mode takes place like this:

T: Start of sleep mode.

T+2min: The fragrance is diffused.

T+7 min: Diffusion of the fragrance stops automatically.

Can I see how many uses of the fragrance capsule are left?

Yes. Each time you insert or remove a capsule, the number of uses remaining is displayed for 3 seconds.

The icon  shows the number of uses left.

 : 24 to 30 uses remaining.

: 17 to 23 uses remaining.

: 10 to 16 uses remaining.

: 4 to 9 uses remaining.

: flashing, 1 to 3 uses remaining.

After 30 uses of a cartridge, CAPS OVER appears on the screen. The cartridge needs to be changed.

How can I store my fragrance capsule when I change the capsule?

If you want to change the fragrance capsule, just take it out of the diffuser and put it in its resealable bag. Make sure you seal the bag properly to preserve the fragrance capsule.

Do I need to throw away the sealed bag after opening it?

No. We recommend you keep the sealed bag to store the fragrance capsule when you want to change the fragrance. After taking out the fragrance capsule, store the sealed bag for future use.

Can the diffusion of fragrances wake you up?

Yes! In the morning, when you are in a phase of light or REM sleep, your brain is more sensitive to external stimuli such as smells.

In some cases, this may not be enough. In this case, don't panic, if after 5 minutes of diffusion time you have not woken up, a light comes on followed by a tune. The tune takes over when the fragrance is not enough. This may be the case when you have a cold, or if you go to bed late, etc. This way, you'll be on time in the morning.

How long does it take to wake up?

That depends on you. The most sensitive people wake up in less than one minute. And for the least sensitive it takes nearly three minutes with the help of the light and the tune. On average, it takes two minutes to wake up with the Night & Day diffuser.

The fragrances smell all the time, what can I do?

You may have this impression for the first two days of use, for several reasons. The first is the fragrance itself; some fragrances are more concentrated in volatile molecules than others. Due to the extreme volatility of certain molecules, during the first days of use people with a very sensitive sense of smell might think that the fragrance smells all the time. This changes over time, when the fragrance gives way to the harmonious diffusion of all of the notes. The second point to take into account is the room in which the diffuser is situated. Depending on how rooms are aired, we have noticed that some fragrances linger longer. We therefore recommend that you move the diffuser away from external ventilation points for a better experience.

The fragrances don’t smell, what can I do?

The capsule may be empty. Insert the capsule in the diffuser again and look at the screen display. If the capsule is empty, the message “CAPS OVER” is displayed. It's time to change the capsule.

Is the capsule inserted correctly in the diffuser? Insert the capsule again and check that the luminous halo lights up when inserting.

Diffusion mode may not be on. On the screen, check that the symbol  or  is on. Check that the symbol  is on at the time of expected diffusion.

It is possible that the fan is not working. Check that the blades of the fan are rotating through the grid at the back during diffusion = when the symbol  is on. Put your hand in front of the grid on the front to feel the air flow.

It is possible that the scent sealing system is blocked. In sleep mode: wait for the scent sealing system to be released, which takes around two minutes. Then, in wake-up mode, put your hand in front of the grid on the front to feel an air flow when the symbol  is on.

Did you put the diffuser close to your bed and at head height? Opposite you? Note that diffusion takes a few seconds and then becomes more intense. You need to wait 30 seconds to start to smell the fragrance and allow it to diffuse through the air. It is not as instantaneous as the sound or the light.

Recommendation: The air flow can reach 1.5 metres in three minutes.

Are the fragrances natural or synthetic?

Each fragrance is made from a blend of different components to obtain the most pleasant final result possible. The fragrances may therefore contain synthetic elements which are completely similar to those used in fine perfumery, as well as natural elements.

The fragrances of the Night & Day diffuser are taken from the AROMA fragrance range, of which the unique and ready-to-use olfactory compositions are enriched with essential oils and have been developed according to a patented protocol that encourages sleep and improves sleep quality.

Wake up full of vitality and in three gradual steps: fragrance, light and tune to accompany you as you wake up!

Are the fragrances harmful?

No. The fragrances are dry- and cold-extracted from the capsules. This means that no heat is produced and no alteration is made to the scented molecules. In addition, our fragrances meet the strictest air quality standards in the world (REACH, IFRA, CARB). In particular, these standards control the concentration of each component in order to ensure that they do not exceed their precautionary threshold. Our fragrances are only diffused for a few minutes by the diffuser and their concentration is even lower.

Is Night & Day suitable for sensitive people?

The Night & Day diffuser fragrances are ready to use and enriched in essential oils.

The fragrances are dry- and cold-extracted from the capsules. This means that no heat is produced and no alteration is made to the scented molecules. In addition, our fragrances meet all standards and regulations in force (REACH, IFRA, CARB, CLP regulation) to guarantee their safe use.


Despite this, and although they do not contain alcohol, we do not have any data or studies concerning the use of these refills by sensitive people.

We therefore prefer not to advise sensitive people to use these capsules.

Technical problems

If your product has technical problems, we suggest that you send us a video in addition to your message, by e-mail. This will help us to directly understand the issue. Once we receive the video of your Night & Day product, it will be sent to our technical department to establish the procedure to be implemented.


Is my N&D diffuser guaranteed?

Yes, the N&D diffuser is guaranteed for two years. Provided that you use your diffuser according to the instructions and only with Night & Day diffuser fragrance refills. For all complaints, please provide proof of purchase and contact your Maison Berger Paris point of sale or consumer department, which can be reached by telephone or e-mail. No returns can be made without prior consent from Maison Berger Paris.

For any other malfunction, please contact the customer service.

Is my electric diffuser under warranty?

There is a two-year warranty for the electrical part; this does not include the outer part. This depends on you using your electric diffuser according to the instructions and only with perfume refills for the Maison Berger Paris electric diffuser. For any complaints, please provide proof of purchase and contact your point of sale or the Maison Berger Paris customer service, which can be contacted by e-mail: Refunds can only be made with the prior consent of Maison Berger Paris.

Tips & hints to ensure your diffuser works properly:

Only use electric diffuser refills from Maison Berger Paris. Using any other solution may clog your electric diffuser prematurely.

Never put water, perfume or essential oils in your diffuser. Maison Berger Paris perfume solutions are ready-to-use; adding water may cause limescale to build up and affect your diffuser.



What are the delivery time-frames?

Your package is prepared soon after we receive your order. You will receive your package within around 5 working days. An email will be sent to you so that you can track your order.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs £13 for delivery by DPD. Delivery is free from £69.

How can I modify a delivery address?

In your personal space, you have an address book in which you can manage different delivery addresses. Note that once your order has been validated, it is no longer possible to change your delivery address.

Do you deliver abroad?

The website delivers only in England.

How can I track my order?

To track your order, to do your customer space to find the tracking link. You will also receive an email when your order is shipped to allow you to track your package.

What should I do if there is a product missing from my order?

We take special care in preparing your package. However, if a product is missing or damaged in your package, we invite you to contact the customer service which will do its best to meet your satisfaction.



What are the conditions for returns and refunds?

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

How do I return an article purchased on

If you have changed your mind, you may return your product to the following address: DUHAMEL LOGISTIQUE - RETOURS MBP 7 voie communale - ZAC Les vignettes, 27690 Léry, FRANCE. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the Customer.

We can exchange it or refund you within 14 days of the purchase.

To exercise this right, you must inform Maison Berger Paris of your decision to withdraw by e-mail at

The products concerned must be unused, in their original packaging and in perfect condition. If these conditions are not respected, the return will not be accepted.



What are the boutique opening times?

In England, we have a network of over 70 retailers. The contact details for these shops can be viewed on the Store Locator.

Where can I find Maison Berger Paris products?

You can find our products on the e-shop, in decoration shops, in departments stores and in specialised shops. View the Store Locator to find the shop which is easiest for you to get to.



How can I contact the Customer Service?

You can contact Maison Berger Customer Service:

by phone : +44 20 3445 6190

by email at :

by letter: 1342 Rue d'Elbeuf, 27520 Bourgtheroulde-Infreville, France.

Is my personal data protected?

Maison Berger Paris does its utmost to protect its customers’ personal data.

Our databases are not sold to third parties.

For more information, you may consult our personal data tab.

In addition, if you want to modify or delete your personal data, contact Maison Berger Customer Service by email ( or post at the following address: 1342 Rue d'Elbeuf, 27520 Bourgtheroulde-Infreville, France.

How can I be informed of events and offers from Maison Berger Paris?

To stay informed of our new products and news, sign up for the Maison Berger Paris newsletter by following this link, or follow us on Facebook or instagram.



Where should I send my application to work at Maison Berger Paris?

To apply to work at Maison Berger Paris, you may send your application to the Human Resources department :

What is the company's address?

The company’s head office is at 1342 Rue d'Elbeuf, 27520 Bourgtheroulde-Infreville, France.