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Mist diffusers: technology for your well-being

Our electric diffusers are a logical continuation of the Maison Berger Paris story. Since 1898, we have drawn on our unrivalled expertise to offer fragrances and perfuming techniques whose success has become our trademark over the years. But through our Research & Development teams, we're also committed to innovation, offering you products designed to meet your expectations. Discover our range of electric fragrance diffusers, and enjoy a healthy, pleasant fragrance in your home. A real concentrate of technology, these fragrance diffusers are easy to use.

How does an electric home fragrance diffuser work?

As its name suggests, this room fragrance dispenser requires an electrical supply to operate (it has a 1.50 metre long electrical cord). It is the electric current that causes the ceramic Piezo stone at the bottom of the diffuser to vibrate, gently releasing the fragrance. Diffusion takes place quickly, in the form of a pleasant, light fragrance mist (cold, active diffusion). Suitable for medium-sized rooms, the electric diffuser can be installed in several spaces: a bedroom or a kitchen, a living room or a bathroom...

The solutions we offer are completely ready to use: all you have to do is pour the fragrance refill into the diffuser. So there's no need - or advice - to add water, pure perfume or essential oils yourself to the olfactory composition. Created by our master perfumers, the blend contains the optimum proportions of each of these elements. Adding water could damage the object or result in a potentially dangerous incorrect dosage.

For optimal use, our electric diffusers must be used exclusively with Maison Berger Paris electric fragrance diffuser refills. Any other solution could prevent the fragrance from working properly. To guarantee its durability and to take good care of it, remember to clean your electric diffuser regularly (all the instructions can be found in its instructions for use).


Electric diffusers with many benefits...

As well as delicately perfuming your home with a variety of fragrances, our electric room diffusers are real decorative objects. Thanks to their light function, they can also create a soothing, warm atmosphere in the room.

A range of refills with subtle, enchanting fragrances

If you like change and want to frequently renew the scents in your home, nothing could be simpler. Our electric fragrance diffusers can release a wide range of fragrances, in a variety of olfactory families. All you have to do is choose your favourite olfactory composition from our range of electric diffuser refills.

Maison Berger Paris offers a wide range of exceptional fragrances and scents to suit all tastes and moods. Floral, romantic and refined fragrances, sweet fragrances for a warm and comforting ambience, or fresh fragrances to create a bright and dynamic atmosphere in the home. Sensual and enchanting, our oriental fragrances bring a touch of elegant exoticism to your home, while our fruity fragrances are perfect for an invigorating, gourmet atmosphere. And for more natural, springtime scents, why not opt for a pure fragrance with hints of eucalyptus or lavender?

We've also developed a Night and Day diffuser, to help you fall asleep or wake up in an olfactory, musical and luminous atmosphere. Taking advantage of the latest technological advances, this special diffuser allows you to release your favourite fragrances into your bedroom as you go to sleep or wake up. Ideal for creating the right atmosphere for sleep, or for waking up feeling energised!

A decorative object with a sophisticated design

When designing Maison Berger Paris products, aesthetics are always at the heart of our concerns. That's why we've designed elegant, designer electric fragrance diffusers that are at home in any interior and adapt to any style of decoration.

Voted "Product of the Year 2020", our range of Aroma electric diffusers is a blend of elegance, modernity and softness. Our iconic flowers appear subtly on the diffuser's cylinder, against a frosted glass background. The wooden top adds a touch of warmth to the design, for an ensemble without false notes.

To match every decorative style, our other diffusers are available in a range of colours, materials and shapes, all with elegant lines. Our Starck electric diffuser, for example, is absolutely sober and modern. The diffusers in our Losange and Amphora collections feature graphic patterns through which the light subtly passes. Our Lolita Lempicka electric diffuser, meanwhile, has an enchanting décor, for an enchanting atmosphere of light and scent...

Whether you're attracted by a classic model or, on the contrary, by the avant-garde and modernity of other diffusers, you're sure to find the fragrance that's just what you're looking for.


An object at your service, easy to set up

Genuine concentrates of technology, our electric diffusers are easy to set up to suit your mood. Simply plug your fragrance diffuser into an electrical socket, and that's it! All that's left to do is adjust the fragrance in your home.

The way the fragrance is diffused is adjustable: you can choose between a continuous or intermittent diffusion mode (every 15 seconds), to adjust the desired fragrance intensity. Thanks to their lamp function, our electric fragrance diffusers can also be used to create a cosy, warm atmosphere. Brightness is easy to adjust: you can opt for oscillating light (similar to a candle), soft continuous light, or intense continuous light.

You can use your diffuser at your convenience, or programme its operating time. Depending on what you want or need, you can decide to diffuse the fragrance on a timer for half an hour, one hour or two hours. And for optimum ease of use, our electric diffusers come with a remote control. All the functions can be activated or deactivated very easily, at the touch of a finger.

All our electric fragrance diffusers come with instructions for use, so if you're in any doubt about a function, just refer to them. You can also find answers to all your questions on our FAQ page.

Looking for a more intense fragrance for your home? Discover the lamp Berger, an iconic product from our Maison. If you prefer to use a non-lighting, non-combustion gesture, opt instead for a scented bouquet, which diffuses the fragrance cold by capillary action. To enjoy pleasant scents in the car, discover our wide range of car diffusers. Finally, our scented candles are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the home quickly and easily.


Where can I find our electric diffusers and their refills?

Where can you buy refills for your diffusers? Find all our electric diffusers and fragrance refills in your nearest shop, or in our online shop.