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Gift ideas for a small price: our selection of small perfumed gifts

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to spoil the people you love. Birthdays and Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, a professional promotion or a house-warming party... But it's not always possible to devote large budgets to all these presents. Are you looking for a low-cost gift idea to please someone close to you? Maison Berger Paris has been an expert perfumer for more than 125 years, and offers a selection of fragrances for small budgets. An original gift to spoil your loved ones, with elegant, delicate and timeless objects.

Little touches that are always a pleasure...

Are you looking for a little thank you gift for a friend who's having you over for dinner? Want to spoil a family member over Christmas? Looking for an original idea to celebrate Father's Day? You don't necessarily have to give very expensive gifts to please your nearest and dearest. As the well-known saying goes: "It's the thought that counts", and there are plenty of low-cost gift ideas available, for as little as £20, £15 or even less. To be sure you're giving the right gift, all you have to do is think carefully about the personality and tastes of the person you want to give it to. You won't give the same kind of gift to a man or a woman, a close friend or a work colleague, a decorating enthusiast or a lover of practical objects... And if you're on a tight budget, why not take the opportunity to surprise your nearest and dearest with an original gift that's both attractive and useful? Available in a range of elegant models, Maison Berger Paris scented objects are suitable for all budgets. And for affordable, original gift ideas, we offer a range of scented gestures at low prices!

Give the gift of a fragrant gesture, for a useful and decorative gift

Original and elegant gift ideas, our scented gestures create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the house or flat, while enhancing the interior decoration. And for pleasant, stress-free journeys, we also offer car fragrance diffusers: a great idea for a fragrant gift at an affordable price!

All our fragrance rituals are combined with a wide range of subtle, delicate fragrances. These varied scents offer unforgettable olfactory experiences, adapted to every room and every space. When autumn arrives, for example, it's pleasant to breathe a warm, comforting atmosphere into living spaces. On the other hand, fresh, floral notes are particularly popular as spring and summer approach. To suit every season and every preference, we offer around fifty fragrances, divided into six olfactory families: pure, fruity, sweet, oriental, fresh and floral. Some fragrances can also be recharged with anti-odour solutions, to combat unpleasant smells from tobacco, pets, cooking, dampness or stale air...

But our scented objects are also real objects of interior decoration. In glass or porcelain, classic or more modern, transparent, with a matt lacquer finish or coloured motifs... They come in a range of elegant models and sophisticated designs to suit all tastes and interior styles. Timeless, they come in a range of shapes, colours and materials. They illuminate and enhance the spaces in which they are installed.

Our ideas for low-priced fragrance gifts

Maison Berger Paris offers you a selection of gift ideas on a budget, with several elegant and timeless fragrance rituals for women and men. After considering the tastes and needs of the loved one you wish to spoil, choose the best gift on a budget from our rituals.

Car diffusers

Car diffusers are one of our best gift ideas on a budget. Discreet, these scented objects with their clean, uncluttered design dress up the car's interior with elegance. Matte nickel, Gun metal or Chrome... Our car diffusers come in a range of colours, shapes and details.

Whether you want to combat tobacco odours or enjoy a pleasant olfactory ambience on the move, our car diffusers come in a wide range of scents. Their scented ceramic core ensures even, subtle diffusion of fragrances. And to create a unique ambience in the passenger compartment, we offer a complete collection of car fragrances. Classic fragrances, intense or delicate, the Aroma range dedicated to well-being or anti-odour solutions... They meet every need and every expectation.

Thanks to its multi-directional clip, the sent bon is easily clipped onto one of the vehicle's ventilation grilles. It releases the fragrance as soon as the air conditioning is switched on. Our adjustable technical diffusers let you choose when to refresh or intensify the fragrance in the air. Practical and easy to use, the accessory is also easy to open for quick recharging (one refill provides fragrance for around 4 to 6 weeks). This refill system lets you renew your favourite fragrance, or try out a new one.

An original gift idea, our car diffusers are sold on their own (from 13 euros) or in gift packs (from only 20 euros). Ready to give and presented in attractive packaging, these affordable boxes contain the car diffuser and a scented refill.

Scented bouquets

Affordable products for those on a budget, our scented bouquets release fragrances gently and delicately. Available in a wide range of scents, they create a unique ambience in your home by perfuming it with elegance. They can be combined with all the fragrances in our collection: floral, pure, sweet, oriental, fruity or fresh.

Our scented bouquets are real decorative objects, available in a range of designs, shapes, colours and sizes. They match every style of decor, and can be installed in any medium-sized room. One of the most affordable gift ideas in our range (from 18£), the scented bouquets in our Glaçon collection, for example, have simple, clean lines. These modern, timeless gestures can be combined with all our best-selling fragrances. Do you have a slightly higher budget? Discover the bouquets in our Glaçon collection (from £18), and our Lolita Lempicka bouquets (from £35).

Very easy to use, the scented bouquets diffuse the fragrance cold, by capillary action. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or dressing rooms, they provide a subtle, even and continuous fragrance for 4 to 6 weeks. Our solutions are ready to use, and require no prior dosage. To reactivate the fragrance, simply turn the sprigs of the bouquet over regularly. When the bottle is empty, it's easy to refill: just choose a fragrance refill in the fragrances of your choice.

Scented candles

One of our budget gift ideas includes scented candles. Classic and timeless, they create a warm, hypnotic atmosphere in any room. Designed for occasional scenting of medium-sized rooms, our scented candles diffuse delicate, unique fragrances. Elegant and sleek, they are carefully designed to add an attractive touch to any interior. To suit every style, they are available in a range of colours and patterns.

You'll also find affordable scented candles in our Géode collection. These elegant candles start at just £27.

Are you on a more comfortable budget? Check out our other gift ideas for him and her, and spoil your loved ones with an elegant and original fragrance!