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Fragrance diffusers for cars: fragrant and decorative objects

Do you like to enjoy a pleasant scent inside your car, so you can drive in a relaxed, soothing or invigorating atmosphere? Our car diffusers allow you to remove unpleasant odours from your vehicle, and diffuse your favourite fragrances throughout the cabin. Discover our range of Maison Berger Paris car air fresheners, practical and elegant objects with a variety of fragrances.

Stylish, decorative and fragrant accessories

Discreet objects with a meticulous design, the Maison Berger Paris car diffusers elegantly dress up the passenger compartment of a vehicle. Whether you want to combat tobacco odours or enjoy a pleasant olfactory ambience, our car diffusers are available in a wide range of fragrances.

Discreet, refined diffusers that are easy to use

Small and discreet, our car diffusers have a sleek design and add a touch of elegance and modernity to the vehicle's interior. Matte nickel, Gun metal or Chrome... Our car diffusers come in a range of colours, shapes and details. An original, top-of-the-range car fragrance dispenser, so you can enjoy a fragrant, welcoming interior every time you travel!

How does the diffuser work, and how do you install it to diffuse fragrance in your car? Practical and easy to use, the sent bon is simply attached to one of its aeration and ventilation grilles: its multi-directional metal clip makes it quick and easy to clip on. This practical accessory opens easily for quick recharging.

An even, subtle diffusion and a variety of fragrances

Our diffusers benefit from the technical expertise of Maison Berger Paris. Thanks to their scented ceramic core, they ensure even, subtle diffusion of fragrances. The "sent bon" feature allows the fragrance to be diffused as soon as the air conditioning is switched on. Our adjustable technical diffusers let you choose when to refresh or more intensely scent the air. Each refill lasts for around 4 weeks, and we offer a complete collection of top-of-the-range car fragrances to create a unique ambience inside your car.

Car fragrance diffuser musk and delicate fragrances, anti-odour scent, Aroma range... Our car fragrances meet every need and suit every preference. Some are used to banish the smell of tobacco or pets in the vehicle, while others are used to create a warm, energising or relaxing atmosphere on every journey. Developed by French master perfumers, they are specifically adapted to this method of diffusion.

How do I choose a car fragrance diffuser?

Reliable, high-quality products, our fragrance diffusers release delicate, well-balanced scents that allow you to properly perfume the passenger compartment and enjoy the best car fragrance. And to be sure you're choosing the right type of fragrance diffuser, you also need to take into account your budget, your olfactory preferences and the atmosphere you want to create during your journeys. Ocean Breeze, Exquisite Sparkle, Aroma Energy, Oriental Star or Precious Jasmine... Looking for the best car fragrance? Discover our selection of the best fragrances!

The Maison Berger Paris car diffuser is the lightest and most delicate fragrance in our range. And to suit all tastes, these fragrance accessories can be chosen in fragrances of varying intensity. On classic models, the fragrance intensity is indicated on the diffuser packaging (between 1 and 5, from the least intense to the most intense fragrance). Some more technical diffusers allow you to adjust the intensity of fragrance diffusion in the vehicle: a sliding shutter lets you control the diffusion of fragrances as you wish, by closing or opening it more or less.

You can choose a ready-to-use gift pack, consisting of a fragrance diffuser and a refill. But you can also opt for an empty car diffuser, and complete your car clip with your favourite fragrances.

Refillable diffusers for long-lasting, economical fragrance objects

A ceramic diffuser lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks: when the car diffuser is empty, it's important to replace it quickly. Infinitely refillable, our car fragrance diffusers are used with dedicated refills that are quick and easy to install.

Our refill system allows you to enjoy a long-lasting and economical car air freshener. You can simply renew your favourite fragrance and continue your olfactory experience, by ordering a new car fragrance diffuser refill. But this innovative system also allows you to change fragrances and discover new scents for your car, more suited to the season or your current preferences... Our refills for car diffusers are sold in pairs: this ideal packaging means you can quickly refill your car diffuser, whatever the circumstances.

Find our collection of diffusers and refills in your nearest shop. You can also order all our products from our online shop.