Anti-Odours Collection

Anti-Odours Collection

Neutralises unpleasant odours while delicately perfuming all the rooms in your home.

Every year, your home needs a major spring clean. It's a chance to let your home breathe and get rid of all the dust and odours. Even on a day-to-day basis, our Anti-Odour collection helps you get rid of dampness, food odours or the smell of your pets! This range comes in specific fragrances to match the rooms in the house or the unpleasant odours that linger in the air. How can you scent your home with our collection? Our scented bouquets are quick and easy to use. Simply place our pre-filled scented bouquets in the right room and insert the sticks supplied. The more sticks you insert, the more intense the fragrance. To ensure that the fragrance stays in your home for a long time, simply turn the sticks over once a week or so.

Every year, your home needs a major spring clean. It's a chance to let your home breathe and get rid of all the dust and odours. Even on a day-to-day basis, our Ant...

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Odour control: neutralise unpleasant odours and perfume your home

Your home is the place where you spend quality time with family and friends, where you simply live... It should be pleasant and welcoming, so that you feel at home every day. But sometimes unpleasant odours can find their way inside: cooking smells, stale odours, damp, tobacco or pet smells... So how do you get rid of strong, stubborn odours in the home? To help you neutralise them, Maison Berger Paris has developed a complete and effective anti-odour collection. Developed from patented molecules, this range makes it easy to get rid of unpleasant odours, while delicately perfuming your home.

Effective, easy-to-use anti-odour solutions

Our anti-odour collection works thanks to our scented bouquets, which ensure continuous fragrance diffusion. They can be refilled with several specific anti-odour fragrances.


Scented bouquets for continuous diffusion

Thanks to their cold diffusion by capillary action, our stick diffusers ensure the right dosage of fragrances. With no need for monitoring or plugging in, they're safe and easy to use. The fragrance rises naturally along the rods, then diffuses into the air. There's no need to light a wick or press a button on a diffuser.
Our scented bouquets release fragrance continuously, for around 4 weeks. Perfect for medium-sized rooms, they let you enjoy a pleasant olfactory ambience from morning to night, and a comfortable, welcoming home every day.
Unpleasant odours in the home are neutralised, and the air is subtly scented. To optimise or reactivate the diffusion of fragrance, we recommend that you turn the sticks of the bouquet over regularly (about once a week). And to reduce its intensity, simply remove a few sticks.


Patented molecules to neutralise unpleasant odours

Our anti-odour collection is based on a complex of patented molecules that neutralise unpleasant odours. Its effectiveness has been tested and approved by a panel of expert perfumers. Releasing a unique fragrance, it destroys unpleasant odours in the environment.
When the odour diffuser is empty, it can be refilled with one of our anti-odour refills for scented bouquets. For ease of use, our solutions are ready to use and require no prior dosage. Simply remove the bouquet from its box and fill the bottle with the refill of your choice. Then place the sprigs inside, surrounded by the silver or gold ring of the container.
Developed in several specific fragrances, our anti-odour refills are available in two formats: a small 200 ml format or a large 400 ml format. The ideal way to enjoy pleasant air all year round!


A complete collection to combat all unpleasant odours in the home

Maison Berger Paris offers a number of anti-odour solutions for the different problems encountered in certain technical areas of the home: the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. And to meet every need, our expert perfumers have also developed scented bouquets to combat unpleasant stale, tobacco or pet odours. All these fragrances are available in pre-filled bouquets or ready-to-use refills. Discover our Anti-Odours collection.


Against kitchen odours

Welcoming and convivial, the kitchen has become one of the central rooms in the home. But it is also a space that is particularly exposed to intense odours. While it's always pleasant to breathe in the sweet scents released by the preparation of a delicious chocolate cake, other smells can quickly spoil the atmosphere. Food leftovers in the fridge, rubbish in a bin that doesn't close properly, the smell of cooking or preparing certain foods (fish, garlic and onions, cauliflower or broccoli)... How can you remove unpleasant cooking smells from your home?
Our My Kitchen Free From Unpleasant Odours fragrance allows you to mask all those unpleasant smells. Our fragrant bouquet releases pleasant notes of mandarin orange and basil. Combined with rose and lavender, these aromatic tones create a fresh, flowery atmosphere in the room. Finally, precious wood and amber add a warm touch.

Against laundry odours

Dedicated to laundry and linen care, the utility room is one of those rooms where people spend a lot of time. But this space can quickly be invaded by unpleasant odours from rising drains, blocked traps or damp. And smells from the dirty laundry basket can also be a source of discomfort!
To combat these unpleasant odours, discover our My Laundry Free From Unpleasant Odours fragrance. A perfect combination of patented molecules and musky floral notes, this home fragrance lets you enjoy delicately scented air in the laundry room or other technical rooms. Ylang-ylang and lavender, jasmine, rose and peony, vanilla and amber... An ideal olfactory ambiance to make this moment more pleasant!


Against bathroom odours

Like the laundry room, the bathroom can sometimes be invaded by unpleasant odours from drains, mould or damp. But it's important to maintain a fresh, pure atmosphere in this space of well-being and hygiene, thanks to a bathroom fragrance diffuser. The shower room is where you wash and get ready, and it needs to stay clean and welcoming every day.
Our My Bathroom Free From Unpleasant Odours fragrance offers you a pure moment of relaxation, and creates a good smell in the bathroom. Aquatic and aromatic, its hints of lavender go perfectly with its marine notes and eucalyptus. Patchouli and oakmoss add a touch of elegance to this delicate fragrance.


Against musty odours

When a house is not lived in often, is not sufficiently ventilated or is too damp, it can give off unpleasant musty smells. Reminiscent of cellar or garage odours, they can quickly become quite uncomfortable. So how do you remove a musty smell from the bedroom of an old house or flat?
To get rid of these unwanted scents, Maison Berger Paris has developed My Home Free From Musty Odours. Bergamot, hyacinth, rose and lily of the valley: it releases pleasant, sweet floral notes. Green and marine notes complete this olfactory composition, which ends with a touch of white musk and amber. A home fragrance that makes your home feel clean and new!


Against pet odours

While they bring us love and joy on a daily basis, our pets can sometimes be the source of certain unpleasant odours. As comforting hairballs, cats and dogs can, for example, give off the rather unpleasant smell of wet hair. And the cages of rabbits and other rodents are also often sources of odours we could do without!
Our My Home Free From Pet Odours fragrance helps you neutralise pet, litter or cage odours. This fruity, floral home fragrance releases delicate, tangy notes of bergamot and apple. Subtle notes of sandalwood, vanilla wood and musk complete this unique home fragrance.


Against tobacco odours

Whether you smoke every day at home, or occasionally have friends over who smoke, the smell of cigarettes and cold tobacco is particularly unpleasant and persistent. They tend to easily permeate sofa fabrics, curtains and all your household linen.
Our My Home Free From Tobacco Odours fragrance is perfect for removing cigarette and ashtray smells in the home, with its warm, woody fragrance. Its notes of cedar and pine balsam are delicately enhanced by the softness of amber and musk. An oriental fragrance that's ideal for a tobacco-free home that's as fresh as ever!