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Maison Berger Paris lamp refills

You're fond of your beautiful catalytic lamp case, but you'd like to vary the pleasures? Be clever and take advantage of lamp Berger refills! Practical, economical and ecological, don't hesitate to adopt this innovative product that purifies and delicately perfumes your home to suit your mood. Maison Berger Paris offers a wide range of perfume refills! Our brand knows just how much you appreciate being able to change your fragrance regularly without breaking the bank. Depending on the season or your desire for well-being, treat yourself to a wide choice of top-of-the-range fragrances thanks to the refill principle. We'll tell you how to get them and how to use them. Discover the range of our fragrance collection and fall for elegant, invigorating, relaxing and subtle home fragrances. They tell a story and add character to your home or flat.

Where can I find lamp Berger refills and how do I use them?

You can use our website to find your nearest shop for lamp Berger refills. But you can also take advantage of our online shop to buy this fragrance liquid. So why deprive yourself?

And it's so easy to use! Here are the instructions for recharging a lamp Berger. First, run the burner with a Neutre refill for 20 minutes. Then switch to your favourite home fragrance, following your usual ritual and following the recommended instructions of course!

Our range of lamp Berger refills

Convinced by the ease of use of lamp Berger refills? Then there's no need to look far for chic, quality home fragrances made in France! Find all the fragrances of Maison Berger Paris in its catalogue of refills and treat yourself to several fragrant atmospheres at a low price thanks to this principle. You'll find our great classics, as well as seasonal editions (special holiday editions - Winter Joy, etc.) and creations (Paris Chic, Lolita Lempicka, etc.). Our lamp Berger refills come in a range of sizes, up to 1 litre for those who love their home fragrance!