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Lamps Berger: the signature of our Maison since 1898

The first object created and patented by our company, the lamp Berger is and always will be an integral part of our history. Famous for the way it works and its catalytic diffusion system, it allows you to purify and perfume your home. Elegant and easy to use, it's also becoming an essential part of your decor! Discover our collection and buy your catalytic lamp in just a few clicks from our online shop.

Behind the lamp Berger, a history and French know-how...


It was at the end of the 19th century - in 1898 - that the story of the lamp Berger began. Maurice Berger, a pharmacist, developed a catalytic diffusion system to purify and purify hospital air by destroying odours. His lamp gradually took on a fragrance aspect, enabling delicate, pleasant fragrances to be diffused. In the 1930s, the lamp became more widely available and found its way into many homes. Reflecting the expertise of French craftsmen, its meticulous design made the Berger lamp a truly decorative object, one that could be collected.
An emblematic reference in the world of Maison Berger Paris, this iconic lamp has stood the test of time, adapting to changing fashions and trends. More than a century after its creation, it remains the most famous interior fragrance in the world and the symbol of the success of a creative and innovative French house, always striving for excellence. Our Maison's nose works with our perfumers in Grasse. All our designers and fragrance experts work daily to develop new scents and offer you an incomparable olfactory experience.

A purifying and perfuming gesture, in a decorative and elegant object


Our catalytic lamp is a carefully designed, fragrant object that is both useful and decorative. But what exactly is a lamp Berger? What's special about the innovative technology used in our lamps? And what different fragrances and designs are available?

A unique, patented catalytic lamp to neutralise odours


Our lamp works differently from other fragrance systems, thanks to its unique diffusion technology and patented burner. The heat generated by the catalysis attracts the molecules responsible for unpleasant odours: it does not mask them, but destroys them and prevents them from combining again. One of the first advantages of using a lamp Berger is that it is easy to purify indoor air.
The air is cleaner and healthier, free of unpleasant musty, damp, cooking or tobacco odours... Tested according to extremely rigorous quality protocols and using quality raw materials, our fragrances are non-toxic and harmless.

A subtle, delicate perfume ritual and a multitude of fragrances


As well as purifying the air, our catalytic lamp can be used to perfume the interior. It releases delicate, subtle fragrances without weighing down the atmosphere. Its fine, delicate diffusion system ensures fast, even and long-lasting fragrance, to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere in the home.
To suit all seasons and tastes, our collection of patented lamps is available in a wide range of fragrances. Floral or fruity fragrances, gourmand or oriental notes, pure and fresh accords... It's up to you to choose the ideal olfactory ambience for your home!

A decorative object in a wide variety of designs and colours


Over the years, our fragrance rituals have also become decorative objects in their own right. Lamps Berger in white, blue, black, pink or green, in glass or porcelain, vintage or designer... Available in a wide variety of volumes, colours and materials, they adapt easily to all styles of interior decoration and can be installed in many rooms (in the kitchen, the living room or on the terrace, for example).
From the most classic shapes to the boldest, most avant-garde designs, there's something to suit every taste. They are also available in a range of price points, in flagship and timeless collections: discover, for example, our essential collections with round, square and oval lamps, or our Lolita Lempicka and Starck collections with more sophisticated designs.


How do you choose your lamp model?


To make sure you choose the right lamp Berger, start by asking yourself about your needs and preferences for use. We offer a wide range of fragrance holders and diffusers, each with its own characteristics and specific lighting and operating modes.
Are you looking for a decorative, timeless fragrance to purify the air and perfume your home? Thanks to its catalytic diffusion system, the lamp Berger is the perfect ritual for eliminating unpleasant odours and releasing pleasant fragrances into your home. The active diffusion of fragrance is ideal for perfuming a large room on a one-off basis. All you have to do is choose the right fragrance to enjoy a clean, welcoming home.
For a fragrance experience that doesn't require lighting or combustion, turn to our scented bouquets, which diffuse fragrance by capillary action. Our electric diffusers are real concentrates of technology, allowing you to adjust the way the fragrance is diffused. Night&Day diffusers immerse your room in a relaxing olfactory and visual ambience. Our scented candles are also perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the home quickly and easily. And to enjoy pleasant scents in the car, discover our car diffusers.


How do I use my catalytic lamp?


For best results, follow the Berger lamp instructions: after filling the bottle with the funnel (halfway), insert the wick of the burner into the lamp and fit the stopper. Wait 20 minutes, then turn on the burner and wait 2 minutes. Extinguish the burner by blowing on the flame and insert the mounting: your catalytic lamp will purify and perfume your home (20 minutes of use is enough for a room of around 10 m2). To stop the diffusion, remove the mounting and place the stopper on the burner. Finally, replace the mounting on the lamp.
What product should I put in the lamp? Your catalytic diffuser should only be used with Maison Berger Paris fragrances, to avoid damaging the burner. To guarantee optimum quality of use and prolong its life, change the burner every 200 lights or every year. If you are not going to use it for several weeks, remove the burner from the lamp.


Fragrance products on sale online and in our stores


Discover all our references and collections on our website and in our shops: find our physical points of sale using our store locator.
You can buy your lamp Berger and refills online, without having to go anywhere. You can also find all the original parts and accessories for your lamp Berger (burner, funnel, stopper, mounting, etc.) to help you look after it properly. Finally, discover all our new products and our gift sets for original gifts!