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Our accessories for your scented bouquets

Looking for accessories for your scented bouquet? As a specialist in home fragrances, Maison Berger Paris is committed to offering quality accessories for your scented bouquets. From rattan sticks to empty bottles and capillary diffusers, our decorative objects for diffusing home fragrances have been created with the same high standards of quality and style as our fragrances: elegance, good taste and French chic, at the best possible price.

Our catalogue of capillary diffusers and sticks

Browse our catalogue of accessories for your scented bouquets. You'll love the refined style and quality of our products. Our sticks, bottles or capillary ceramic diffusers are as decorative as they are practical.

In a very French style, ceramic roses and lilies are also great gift ideas for a small price! Diffusing your home fragrance by capillary action is easy. In fact, our sprigs and ceramics are designed to subtly release the scents in your house or flat.

Tips and advice to keep up your scented bouquets

To optimise the diffusion of your home fragrance, we recommend that you change your sticks each time you change the fragrance. We've chosen technical polymer sticks rather than rattan, because they offer optimum diffusion quality. Reviews of our accessories for your scented bouquets are unanimous about their quality, reliability and effectiveness. Don't hesitate to discover our full range of capillary diffuser accessories, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of a scented bouquet. This type of object is also ideal for diffusing your essential oils in your home and purifying the air with their active properties. Discover our full range of refills for scented bouquets in our online shop!