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Summer Collection

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Vibes lamps

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Gift ideas for him: opt for a perfume ritual!

Are you looking for an original idea for a man, to give him a unique and timeless gift? Maison Berger Paris offers a complete collection of elegantly designed perfume diffusers, with subtle yet assertive fragrances. From lamps Berger to scented bouquets, car diffusers, electric diffusers and scented candles, there are rituals to suit all tastes and budgets. Discover our best gift ideas for him, and spoil him with an intoxicating home fragrance.

Our perfume diffusers, original gifts for men

Whether you're spoiling your husband or sweetheart for his birthday or Valentine's Day, celebrating dads on Father's Day or giving a housewarming gift, it's not always easy to find original ideas for men...

Useful and attractive, our perfume diffusers are the perfect gift to surprise your loved one! Far from the traditional connected objects or wine boxes, they combine the useful with the pleasurable, with a gift that's both decorative and fragrant. Easy to use, our rituals diffuse pleasant scents and create a welcoming atmosphere in every room of the house. And to suit everyone's preferences and every style of interior, we offer a wide range of fragrance objects in a variety of elegant designs.

A useful, designer gift idea, perfect for making him happy

Men generally like to be given gifts that are practical, useful and aesthetically pleasing. Available in a wide range of fragrances and designs, our room fragrance diffusers are the ideal gift idea for him! As well as delicately perfuming the home, these elegant objects will enhance the decor.

Practical, useful gifts, our fragrance rituals create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in your home or flat. And this gift idea can be adapted to any room: depending on the fragrances you choose, you can give a fragrant gift to create a cocooning and cosy atmosphere in the living room, a dynamic and energising atmosphere in the bathroom, or a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom... Our diffusers can be combined with around fifty different fragrances. Some of them also work with anti-odour solutions, ideal for neutralising unpleasant odours from cooking, dampness, tobacco, pets or mustiness. A perfect gift idea for him, for a well-kept home!

And to suit every preference and decorating style, our fragrance rituals are also available in a number of sophisticated designs, and in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Sober and discreet, they add a masculine, elegant touch to any interior. Modern yet timeless, our Glaçon collection, for example, has simple, uncluttered lines. This affordable range makes an elegant gift that's easy to match with many different decorative styles. Among our best gift ideas for him, we also offer an exclusive premium edition. Modern and sleek, the rituals in the Starck collection diffuse three exceptional fragrances, creating a refined, masculine olfactory ambience and a unique sensory experience.

How to choose the best fragrance gift for men?

For your wedding anniversary or Christmas, for Valentine's Day or Father's Day... Maison Berger Paris offers a complete collection of fragrances for him, for all occasions, tastes and budgets. Discover all our gift ideas for men, and choose the ritual that's sure to please him!

What ritual for him?

Sober, timeless and elegant, all our gestures release pleasant fragrances into the home. To be sure of pleasing the man you want to spoil, think about his preferences for use and his needs. You can then choose between different rituals:

– our lamps Berger : emblematic of our Maison, lamps Berger purify the air and eliminate unpleasant odours. They offer active, hot diffusion, with catalytic combustion. As well as neutralising unpleasant odours, they release an intense, pleasant fragrance into the room. They are best suited to the occasional perfuming of large rooms. A 500 ml refill provides 20 hours of diffusion and 80 hours of fragrance. And it only takes 20 minutes of diffusion to perfume and purify the air in a room;
– our scented bouquets: stick bouquets diffuse fragrance passively and cold, by capillary action. They release a subtle, delicate fragrance in medium-sized rooms, evenly and continuously (for 4 to 6 weeks). Very easy to use, these fragrance objects require no handling or connection. To reactivate the fragrance, simply turn the sticks of the bouquet over regularly;
– Car diffusers: available in a wide range of fragrances, car diffusers help you enjoy pleasant, relaxing journeys. Easy to install in all vehicles thanks to their multi-directional clip, they release their fragrances for 4 to 6 weeks, with a cold diffusion system. Technical diffusers make it easy to adjust the intensity of fragrance in the passenger compartment. An ideal gift idea for men who love to drive, and for those who spend many hours on the road;
– our electric diffusers: a real concentrate of technology, these modern diffusers delicately scent the interior while providing a luminous ambience. Plugged into the mains and easy to set up, they release a fine fragrant mist. They can be used to delicately scent medium-sized rooms, either continuously or for a set period of time (30, 60 or 120 minutes);
– our scented candles: a classic and timeless gift idea for the home and for him, scented candles offer a unique luminous ambience indoors. Perfect for occasional use in medium-sized rooms, they leave the interior delicately scented.
– our Night & Day diffusers: designed for the bedroom, these innovative diffusers allow you to fall asleep or wake up with your favourite fragrance. With a cold and active fragrance diffusion system, they create an olfactory, luminous and musical atmosphere.

What masculine scents should you use to perfume your home?

To suit all male preferences, our home fragrances come in around fifty scents, grouped into six olfactory families: floral, fresh, sweet, oriental, pure and fruity.

Among the oriental, woody and fresh olfactory families are several elegant and refined masculine fragrances. Powerful, conquering and airy, the Terre Sauvage fragrance releases intense, woody scents full of character. The Land of Spices fragrance offers an olfactory signature based on pink pepper, suede and clove, saffron, black rose, incense and patchouli... It combines several spicy scents with smooth, velvety notes. Perfect for perfuming the home as summer approaches, Ocean Breeze fragrance brings a refreshing touch indoors. With the promise of a light sea breeze, it invites you to take a trip to a sunny shore, where gentle sea spray gently brushes against your skin.

All our fragrances are available as gift sets or refills. Our ready-to-give gift sets are the perfect way to spoil a man and give him an elegant, well-cared-for present. They come in carefully designed packaging and contain the fragrance gesture and a fragrance refill, for ready-to-use gifts.