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Boléro Collection

Boléro Collection

Let yourself be carried away by the dance of life and its fragrance of happiness!
Gravity Collection

Gravity Collection

A moment of infinite dreaming...

Maison Berger Paris scented candles

The flicker of the flame, the subdued light that emanates from it, the endless crackling and the sweet scent that disperses... Scented candles transport you away from your everyday life, while adding an original touch to your decor.

Whether you want to create a relaxing, romantic or cocooning atmosphere, Maison Berger Paris offers a wide range of deliciously scented candles.

100% natural creations

With the greatest respect for the planet and your health, we have chosen to work with natural, ecological materials. To ensure a clean burn, all our candles are made from vegetable wax. Guaranteed free from chemical substances (paraffin, mineral derivatives or other colourings) and products of animal origin, they are also vegan.

Their natural cotton wick ensures an even, refined fragrance, with a weave that fits all jar sizes. Our hand-poured candles are created by French master perfumers. Discover our wide choice of scented candles made in France, combining authenticity and well-being.

Varied and unique fragrances

Spicy, floral or woody, the scents of our candles adapt to all your desires, to the different rooms in your home and to all seasons.

Comforting fragrances for winter

Winter awakens our cravings for sweet, enveloping smells. Hot chocolate, gingerbread in the oven, pancakes with maple syrup by a crackling fire... It's a time for indulgence.

A woody scented candle will take you on a journey to the forest, reminding you of your last holiday in that chalet lost among the fir trees. To accompany your cosy afternoon with a book and some biscuits to nibble on, you can opt for our oriental scented candle and its spicy notes. To warm you up, choose woody fragrances like sandalwood or cedar. A warm atmosphere guaranteed!

To purify the air or relax, think of candles with essential oils. With our Aroma range, take advantage of the benefits of essential oils and regain your energy and serenity.

The scent of summer flowers

The arrival of fine weather often brings a breath of fresh air. And there's nothing like a floral scent to accompany this renewal. Light a fruity or floral scented candle and immerse yourself in an instant in the heart of a flamboyant garden, under a fig or lemon tree in bloom. Notes of jasmine, citrus, fig and orange blossom will perfume your home.

During the long summer days, a touch of freshness and lightness is always appreciated. Choose a fresh candle that will remind you of the smell of summer rain, the softness of morning dew or infusing verbena.

An enchanting and delicate atmosphere

As well as exhaling intoxicating aromas, our candles for the home dress up your home. Thanks to their clean, sober lines, they blend easily into any room.

A candle on a coffee table, another in the bathroom on the corner of the bath, or on the bookshelf... It's an easy way to complete your decor! Our indoor candles can also be used on your balcony or veranda.

Making your loved ones happy

When you give a candle to someone close to you, you're not taking any risks. This thoughtful gift is sure to please everyone around you. Original or decorative scented candles, for Christmas, mini scented candle gift sets... There are many editions available throughout the year.

You'll also find our limited editions, for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. Thanks to the different formats, you can vary the pleasures: a large scented candle burns for around 80 hours, while a mini candle burns for around 15 hours. A small candle burns for between 35 and 38 hours.

What are the best scented candles?

They're the ones that take you on a journey, that you enjoy lighting and watching crackle, the ones that awaken your memories and revive forgotten sensations. That's all it takes to find the perfect candle.

Let yourself be guided by your intuition and the fragrances that transport you. And above all, take care of it every time you use it. That's the best way to make the most of it, all year round!