At the end of the 19th century, Maurice Berger, who at the time was a pharmacy dispenser, wanted to develop an air purification system in hospital rooms. Based on his desire, on a health requirement and on the creation of an innovative technical process, the Lampe Berger was born.
Little did he know that an exceptional destiny awaited this object, that the ambitious and innovative promises of this unique creation would still be unrivalled 120 years later.
Purifying does not mean disguising... Perfuming does not mean hiding!
Still today, the Lampe Berger stands out in relation to all other systems.
Its catalytic burner, which is a patented technique, performs a two-fold and simultaneous action.
Its peripheral zone, which reaches 500°C, destroys malodorous molecules: thus, the burner does not simply disguise unwanted odours, it eliminates them, at the same time as it destroys chemical pollutants in the air.
As for the centre of the burner, its lower temperature allows for the perfume to be diffused subtly, without losing any of its olfactory notes.
It’s not just about the technique!
From the moment it was created, the world of art took an interest in this innovative object. It was the dawn of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau period, the time of a new love affair between the beautiful and the useful.
Propelled by the creativity of the era, the vision of a generation, of Coco, Picasso or Cocteau, the Lampe Berger was promoted from object to icon, from the role of purifying the atmosphere to that of creating a mood. It was no longer just an efficient glass bottle, but an elegant exercise in style.

Since then, the Lampe Berger has passionately kept its decorative promise. Still today, it is a means of expression for well-known creators and talented designers.
Always in keeping with its time, Maison Berger Paris takes inspiration from trends in decoration and teams up with the imagination of current designers. Utopik Design, Sapide, Armand Delsol, Sylvie de France and Lolita Lempika are just some.

Agencies and creators contribute to personifying the contemporary era. Glass-makers, crystal-makers or porcelain-makers dedicate the excellence of their crafts to the creation of these forms and lines. The unique olfactory compositions exalt this gallery of precious bottles.

At Maison Berger Paris, the perfumes are at the centre of the act of creation.
They are the result of the inventiveness of inspired noses and represent an exceptional diversity with a range of nearly 60 fragrances.
They are created by exceptional master perfumers and are the expression of French know-how.
They are also the result of rare technical mastery to guarantee their efficacy and harmlessness.
THE LAMPE BERGER An infinite array, a unique ritual
Maison Berger Paris proposes a catalogue of over 100 lamps. Every year, around ten new models resulting from nearly 18 months of reflection, prototyping and tests add their unique personality to the entire collection.There are infinite styles, shapes, colours and materials of the Lampe Berger. But also, and above all, the Lampe Berger is a unique ritual!Gesture No. 1 - Fill 2/3 of your bottle with your favourite Home Fragrance. Gesture No. 2 - Insert the burner in the lamp and replace the snuffer. If this is the first use, wait for 20 minutes. Gesture No. 3 - Light the burner and wait for 2 minutes. Gestures No. 4 – Blow out the flame and replace the top on the burner. Your Lampe Berger is working! The air is purified and scented: it takes just 30 minutes to purify a room of 12m2. To stop it, remove the top and put the candle snuffer on the burner.The Lampe Berger is a precious choreography, just waiting for you in order to perform!
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