New gesture: the mist diffuser

The mist diffuser, elegant and stylish, has arrived at Maison Berger Paris and contributes to making your daily life more beautiful.
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Why is Maison Berger Paris launching its mist diffuser?

Why is Maison Berger Paris launching its mist diffuser?

Maison Berger Paris is the heritage of know-how and technical expertise. In order to be always at the forefront of the home fragrance market, innovation is at the heart of our beliefs. Each year, we regularly enrich our product families to better satisfy your desires thanks to our research and development laboratory. Our idea is to purify and embellish the air inside each of your rooms with design objects, while contributing to your well-being. Each of our rituals is adapted to your needs: lamps Berger, scented bouquets, scented candles, car diffusers and now, mist diffusers. Our desire is to offer you perfuming solutions that are both qualitative and differentiating. Many hours of work are necessary to achieve a result that meets our high standards of quality and specifications. This is how the mist diffusers came into being. Now that your curiosity has been piqued, discover the many strengths and advantages of this object, an essential to have at home.

The mist diffuser: modern, intuitive and easy to use For a warm and fragrant atmosphere

A new diffusion method

By ultrasound for instant cold diffusion

Light humidifying mist

extracted from the top of the diffuser thanks to the very fast vibrations emitted by the ceramic Piezo stone.

Adjustable light atmosphere

3 types: intense continuous light, soft continuous light or oscillating light (similar to a candle)

Choice of fragrance diffusion

Continuous or intermittent to modulate the intensity of the fragrance.

Quality materials

Glass and metal. Elegant finishes

Technical core

In the background, a ceramic Piezo stone which, thanks to the electric current, emits vibrations, allowing the solution to be in the form of a scented mist.

Modern, intuitive and easy to use

Instant and programmable ignition (30, 60 or 120 minutes)

Can be controlled with a remote

A remote control is supplied with the diffuser

Guarantee & Safety

2 year warranty (excluding casing) and no flame


Requires an electrical source (wire length: 150 cm)

A ready-to-use solution! Unique scent compositions, enriched with just the right amount of fragrance.
A ready-to-use solution!

Maison Berger Paris innovates

THE benefit of the Maison Berger Paris mist diffuser: having a range of fragrances ready to use! The olfactory compositions are unique and enriched with just the right amount of perfume and essential oils, known for their aromachological virtues. No more hazardous mixtures and no more risks of under or over dosage of essential oils. It is therefore not necessary to add pure perfume or essential oils as a supplement. In addition, these solutions have been designed to limit scaling and clogging of your mist diffuser.


In short, these refills are quick and easy to use. Change your fragrance easily and choose from our range! Discover the Aroma collection and its essential oils with many emotional benefits or our more classic but nevertheless very popular fragrances: Lavender Fields, Cotton Caress, Orange Cinnamon, Amber Powder, Zest of Verbena and Heavenly Sun.

Moderation and refinement Choose the fragrance that suits you
Aroma Dream set: The mist diffuser and its refill Aroma Dream
Aroma Dream set: The mist diffuser and its refill Aroma Dream

Do you have sleeping problems? The Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser is for you and is an essential at bedtime! Developed according to a patented protocol, the Aroma Dream fragrance enriched with essential oils helps you fall asleep and improves your quality of sleep.

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Aroma Relax set: The Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser and Refill
Aroma Relax set: The Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser and Refill

With its Scandinavian style inspiration, this Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser fits perfectly into your home. Its ready-to-use fragrance is enriched with patchouli, guaiac wood and geranium essential oils, known for their aromachological virtues. They will help you to rebalance your mood and facilitate calming.

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ABOUT OUR MIST DIFFUSERS A gesture, a ritual

Instructions and simple advice on how to use your mist diffuser. For a light perfumed misting in your home.

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