Château de Versailles candles
Dive into the heart of the most famous palace in the world, through a majestic collection.

Celebrating French know-how and the art of living, the Château de Versailles entrusted us with the creation of the eponymous collection of scented candles, made in France, near Nantes.

From this collaboration was born a unique collection in the image of this emblematic castle belonging to the French heritage.

Eight fragrances transport you to the heart of the Château de Versailles. Each of them evokes an essential place or mythical characters who have marked its history: Eaux des Rois, Boudoir de la Reine, Trianon 1693, Galerie des Glaces ...

Each glass is a unique piece mouth blown by master glassmakers. Once the candle is burnt, the glass can be reused as a vase or a candle holder.

Illuminate your home with the Galerie des Glaces candle to make it an exceptional place

Like a ceremonial object, this warmly scented candle is inspired by the emblematic Hall of Mirrors at the Château de Versailles. The scent of amber recalls the splendour and richness of the decorations in this long room with 357 mirrors.

The musk transcribes the exaltation that comes to life when great events are held. Finally, the sunny notes of vanilla round off this suave olfactory composition and illuminate your interior. Take a few moments to admire and smell this candle with its hypnotic aura.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation with the Boudoir de la Reine candle

Queen Marie-Antoinette loved flowers, especially roses and jasmine, inspiring the creation of this spicy rose scented candle. The fragrance is composed of three warm spices: cinnamon, bewitching and timeless, cumin and clove, which inspire beauty, femininity, chic and sensuality.

Enhanced by notes of rose, vanilla and sandalwood, you are witnessing a real olfactory explosion. Full of audacity, this scented candle is ideal for enjoying moments of relaxation in the living room.

FRENCH MANUFACTURING AND KNOW-HOW A collection manufactured in the purest tradition of French waxmakers, which combines exceptional quality and know-how.

A story of men and women, of talent and passion.  The candles are made in our factory in Cugand, in Vendée (France), giving a unique quality and olfactory experience. More than 10 expert and caring hands have contributed to its manufacture.

Each perfume has been carefully waxed in our French workshops. Our wax experts have chosen the best composition to diffuse its fragrance, the most suitable cotton wick for an ideal combustion.

To take care of it, we advise you not to extinguish the candle before the whole surface has liquefied, cut the wick at 1 cm before each use and avoid exposing the candle to high temperatures when not in use.

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