Home Fragrances

Home fragrances: elegant fragrances for the home

Fragrance plays an important role in the home. On its own, it can create an atmosphere that is relaxing or energising, warm, romantic or rural... But to avoid becoming too heady and unpleasant, scents need to be well balanced and delicately diffused. For over a century, Maison Berger Paris has been developing unique home fragrances, with scents created to order. So why not add a touch of elegance and poetry to your home?


Elegant home fragrances, a symbol of Maison Berger Paris expertise

At the origin of all our creations, home fragrances are an integral part of the history of Maison Berger Paris. True symbols of well-being and refinement, they are the signature of our House and reflect our expertise and our commitment to respecting tradition. Entirely made in France, our home fragrances are first imagined by our in-house nose, which then collaborates with our master perfumers in Grasse. They provide you with unique and exceptional olfactory experiences, with fragrances of varied scents and original fragrant notes. Thanks to the talent of our master perfumers, they all tell a story...

When you choose our brand for your home fragrance, you can also be sure that you'll be enjoying quality products, with substances that have been controlled and monitored. Our fragrances are tested throughout the creation process. When you diffuse your fragrance into the air using your lamp Berger or one of our other fragrance diffusers, you won't breathe in any substances that are toxic to the body. And none of our fragrances give off smoke when used in ritual.

Unique and exceptional creations

To satisfy every olfactory preference, our home fragrances now come in around fifty scents. Created by our master perfumers, all our fragrances contain original and different notes, for unique home fragrances. Let yourself be carried away by our creations, and vary the pleasures according to the season, your mood and your desires!


Six scent families to suit all tastes and needs

Our fragrance range continues to expand over time, and our home fragrance collection now comes in six olfactory families: floral, sweet, pure, fruity, fresh and oriental. Discover exceptional scents, let yourself be carried away by these unique and delicate fragrances, and find the perfect fragrance for your home...


Romantic and refined, floral fragrances release soft, soothing scents. A lavender scent, for example, will leave a delicate veil of fragrance in your entrance, making your home even more welcoming. The aphrodisiac scents of ylang-ylang are perfect for warming up a bedroom.


Particularly popular during the summer season, fresh fragrances breathe a fresh, dynamic atmosphere into the home. Our Ocean Breeze creation, for example, creates an authentic sea breeze inside your home: it combines an amber interior fragrance with a floral heart and exotic wood scents.


Our sweet fragrances are rich and generous, for a warm and comforting interior ambience. Their seductive, creamy notes are subtle: they gently warm the atmosphere without being overpowering.

Timeless in the world of perfumery, oriental fragrances are sensual and bewitching. Patchouli, spicy or floral notes, woody or vanilla fragrances... Their powerful scents add an exotic and elegant touch to your home.


Fruity fragrances are lively and invigorating, with a perfectly balanced touch of sensuality or deliciousness. Cinnamon-based fruity fragrances, for example, are perfect for a kitchen or dining room.

Our pure fragrances finally release natural, springtime scents to create a soft, optimistic and serene indoor atmosphere. Our Fresh Linen fragrance is ideal for subtly perfuming a bathroom, with its notes of eucalyptus, lavender and apple...

The Aroma collection and "functional" fragrances

Whether you need to neutralise the unpleasant odours of tobacco in your car or dampness in your bathroom, shower room or kitchen, or to repel mosquitoes, Maison Berger Paris also offers a wide range of "functional" home fragrances. They enable you to create a healthy, purified atmosphere indoors, for a welcoming, pleasant home.

Dream, D-Stress, Respire, Energy, Happy, Focus or Love… Discover our complete Aroma collection, with home fragrances dedicated to well-being.

How do you choose your home fragrance?

What better way to recharge your batteries after a long day than to come home to a cosy cocoon, delicately scented? To properly perfume your home and choose the best home fragrance, you obviously need to take into account your tastes and olfactory preferences. But the fragrances you choose must also match the atmosphere you want to create in each room, and the season.


For which room?

To give your home a unique olfactory imprint, model each room in your home in your own image and imagine the atmosphere that should emanate from it. After all, each space has a very distinct function...


The living room is a space for relaxation, and should be friendly and welcoming: to create a warm, cocooning atmosphere, you could opt for warm, oriental or sweet, fruity fragrances, for example. The bedroom, meanwhile, can be delicately scented with fresh floral fragrances, for a relaxed, soothing and relaxing atmosphere. And to bring a touch of vitality and freshness to the bathroom, why not opt for the light, energising notes of a pure fragrance?

Your choice of home fragrance also depends on your needs. While some fragrances are designed to delicately perfume your home, other more intense scents will take you on a real olfactory journey and let you escape! As mentioned above, some of our fragrances and rituals have also been developed to help neutralise unpleasant smells such as tobacco, cooking or stale odours.


Every season has its own fragrance...

As well as matching your needs and the desired ambience for each area of your home, the fragrances you choose must also be adapted to the season! After all, we don't have the same desires - or the same needs! - in winter or summer...

Fresh, floral fragrances are often preferred in the early days of spring and summer, to create a light, cheerful atmosphere. Warm, oriental scents, on the other hand, are favoured in colder weather, as autumn and winter approach. Christmas and the festive season, for example, are ideal for diffusing sweet scents of cinnamon or citrus fruits sprinkled with spices.


And to personalise your home and make it a place that reflects your image, there's nothing to stop you adding a touch of originality! You can choose a unique fragrance or add a touch of warmth, with a musk home fragrance for example. Now, more than ever, is the time to express your personality and refocus on the essentials...


Which air freshener is right for your home?

Refined and elegant, Maison Berger Paris home fragrances let you enjoy delicate, original scents in your own home. Available in gift sets or refill bottles, they can be matched to a range of gestures, in a variety of colours, shapes and designs. Classic or contemporary, traditional or bohemian... there really is something for everyone.


Choose your home fragrance diffuser from our complete collection, the one that suits you perfectly and matches the style of your interior decoration:

- catalytic Berger lamps: purifying and fragrant, their hot diffusion system attracts and neutralises unpleasant odours. Unique and timeless, they purify and clean the air, while providing a fragrant ambience;
- scented bouquets: these offer a system for diffusing fragrance cold, by capillary action. These home fragrance sticks provide a subtle, delicate and even fragrance for several weeks;
- car diffusers: available in a wide range of fragrances and intensities, these sprays help you enjoy a pleasant journey and drive with complete peace of mind;
- mist diffusers: easy to set up, these concentrates of technology make it easy to adjust your olfactory ambience. They release a fine fragrant mist that transforms the home into a comforting cocoon;
- scented candles: sober and uncluttered, they diffuse fragrances while creating a warm, luminous atmosphere. The ideal way to create a long-lasting home fragrance;

All our home fragrances are easy to use and diffuse effectively. An original gift idea to please your loved ones, or simply to spoil yourself!