How to use your lamp Berger? Master your lamp Berger by following the instruction in the tutorial video
THE LAMP BERGER The video tutorial

Discover throughout this tutorial how to use, step by step, your lamp Berger. This video is a real instruction manual for understanding how it works.

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To ensure that your lamp Berger works properly and lasts, discover the 4 essential accessories that you should always have on hand! When your burner has reached its end of life, it can be easily replaced, as your stopper and funnel, which sometimes get lost. You can also choose to change the mounting of your lamp Berger to give it a different look and thus renew its design endlessly.

Funnel Funnel
Burner Burner
Mounting Mounting
Stopper Stopper
A use accessible for everyone
It takes just a few simple steps to get your lamp Berger up and running
1 Fill your lamp Berger with Maison Berger home fragrance using the funnel
2 Insert the burner into the lamp Berger, put the stopper on and wait 20 minutes for the burner and the wick to soak up the home fragrance
3 Light up the burner and wait 2 minutes
4 Once the flame has gone down blow out the flame
5 Place the safety mounting and let your lamp Berger purify and perfume your home
6 Remove the safety mounting, place the stopper to stop the diffusion and replace the mounting
Our answers to your questions
How far should I fill my lamp?

We advise to fill the lamp 2/3

When should I blow out the flame?

Leave the flame on for 2 minutes, and do not blow before 2 minutes so that the burner reaches the temperature necessary to catalyse. Do not leave it much longer as the burner head may turn black.

How long should I let the fragrance from my lamp Berger diffuse?

Respect the maximum duration of use of the lamp: 1 min/m3. We recommend approximately 30 minutes of catalysis per use.

What should I do when I wish to change the fragrances?

We advise to use Air Pure to clean the burner between fragrances.

Is it possible to mix fragrances?

Do not "mix" lamp Berger home fragrances (except for Air Pure which can be mixed with all home fragrances)

Is it possible to use refills for bouquets or electric diffusers from Maison Berger Paris for my lamp?

NO! Only use refills for MAISON BERGER PARIS catalytic lamps. Other refills have a composition that does not allow them to function in the lamp.

Why do I always have to put the stopper back on the burner?

It is imperative that the lamp is tightly closed when not in use. It is important to place the stopper back on the burner soaked up the fragrance and/or after catalysis. If the burner is left open when you are not using your lamp, some of the alcohol in the fragrance will evaporate and you will not be able to ignite the burner next time. The perfume will have become non-flammable. For your information, it is the fact of putting the stopper back on the burner that stops the catalysis. The burner cools down and goes out as it is no longer in contact with oxygen.

What are the contra-indications of the lamp Berger?

We do not recommend the use of the lamp Berger in the presence of sensitive people such as infants (0 to 2 years), pregnant women or people who are suffering or undergoing heavy medical treatment. Indeed, the alcohol present in our home fragrances can cause discomfort to these people and may cause headaches per example.

What are the fragrances for the lamp Berger made of?

Our catalytic lamps’ home fragrances are made up of pharmaceutical alcohol (isopropyl), as well as natural and synthetic perfumes (to avoid the risk of allergies). All our home fragrances are tested through extremely rigorous quality protocols, MAISON BERGER ensures the quality of the raw materials used. Our perfumes are created in Grasse by Master Perfumers, a tribute to French tradition and know-how.

Are your products animal friendly?

Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain any raw materials of animal origin.

Our advice
How to care for and extend the lifespan of the burner?

To optimise the operation of the burner, we recommend using the "Air Pure – So Neutral" refill in the lamp from time to time. This refill is used like the other refills, you just have to run the lamp with Air Pure for about 20 to 30 minutes. Caution, never clean the burner with water or any other substance. We advise to change the burner about once a year (this is an average based on 200 ignitions).

What do I do if I use my lamp only occasionally?

If the lamp is not use for several weeks, it is better not to leave the burner inside. The lamp itself remains closed with the stopper. Dry the burner in the open air and store it in a dry place until the next use. This prevents the metal parts from oxidising when in contact with the fragrance.

Lamp Berger nowadays

At one time, the lamp Berger was only used to purify the air in public buildings and hospitals and to eliminate germs. Over the years, the fragrance dimension has been added to this primary use. The scent diffused has become more pleasant, allowing the catalytic lamp to become more democratic and to gradually enter the home. The home is a living environment in which we spend a lot of time, so it has to be clean and healthy. Your grandparents understood this and the brand was able to seduce them thanks to its collaborations with the great designers of the time.


This product has survived the decades and fashions. The style of the lamps has evolved enormously over the last few years, with creative teams now drawing inspiration from decorative trend books for the development of new collections.


As for the functionalities of the lamp Berger, they are still the same! Purify and perfume the air in your home while decorating your interior.


The lamp Berger technology

The Lampe Berger lamp is known for its unique diffusion system which allows the eradication of bad smells and bacteria, this is what we call purification. This elimination takes place at the burner level, the heat emitted attracts the malodorous molecules and neutralises them. This action is combined with the rapid, long-lasting and homogeneous perfuming of the air. The lamp Berger offers a unique olfactory quality and a fine diffusion of the perfume contained in the lamp refills.

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