Oriental fragrance diffusers: mystery and sensuality at home

The oriental perfume diffusers created and developed by Maison Berger Paris give pride of place to one of the most appreciated olfactory families. Oriental fragrances are synonymous with warmth and sensuality, while at the same time containing a slight mysterious aspect. They are scents of character, resolutely separate and unmistakable from any other.

Oriental fragrances are among the most popular. It is only logical that they should be found in all our diffusers: the Lampe Berger, the scented bouquets, the scented candles, the electric diffuser, the Night&Day diffuser and the car diffuser. Each of these scented objects has its own diffusion method and its own specificities. It is up to you to choose according to your tastes and desires, without losing sight of the DNA of each of them.

For example, the olfactory alarm clock finds its natural place in the bedroom, while the Lampe Berger, which neutralises unpleasant odours thanks to its patented burner, is especially indicated in the kitchen or any other room where there is an unpleasant odour (e.g. tobacco, frying, etc.)

The Orient, a historical land of perfumery

For centuries, the Orient did not mean the same thing as it does today. It represented everything that was far away, unknown and therefore mysterious. It concerned the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and, more generally, everything beyond Eastern Europe.

The Orient was the object of a thousand fantasies and was synonymous, in the collective unconscious, with adventure and pleasure.

The Orient is one of the oldest cradles of perfumery. Perfume has always played an important role, deeply rooted in customs and everyday life. The reason for this is simple: the oriental lands, very fertile, are favourable to the cultivation of numerous fragrant plants and aromatics.

Oriental fragrances are both spicy and woody. Of course, there are variations, and no two scents are alike. But if there are common denominators, they are character, sensuality and power.

Oriental perfume diffusers: multiple fragrances

Among all the home fragrances proposed by Maison Berger Paris, oriental fragrances are very important. Among these, it is impossible not to mention the following...

Amber Powder

Warmth and intensity are the natural hallmarks of this iconic oriental fragrance family. Rose, Cinnamon and Pepper are found in the top notes, Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli in the middle notes. The base notes are Vanilla, White Musk and Balsam.

Thanks to all these olfactory notes, it is an enchanting atmosphere which is diffused in your house.

The oriental perfume diffusers available for this fragrance are the lampe Berger, the electric diffuser and the scented bouquets.

Exquisite Sparkle

This fragrance is an ode to life and good humour. It will transform your home and your mood. Exquisite Sparkle is a daring and surprising combination of several ingredients, for an incomparable whole.

While the scent opens with Grapefruit, the heart notes are floral with Rose, Lily of the Valley and Patchouli. Finally, in the base notes, Musk, Violet and Sparkling Accords bring the right amount of exuberance.

Exquisite Sparkle can be found with the following oriental perfume diffusers: the scented candle, the scented bouquets and the electric diffuser.

Heavenly Sun

Elegance and delight are the hallmarks of this fragrance, which is an extraordinary combination of fragrant notes. When released, this fragrance is a genuine invitation to travel, to get away from it all and to be sensual.

Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Mandarin are the top notes, giving a cheerful and reassuring opening. This is followed by Gardenia, Magnolia and Rose for a touch of freshness and mystery. Finally, in the base notes, Vanilla and Coconut bring the right amount of exoticism.

Thanks to Heavenly Sun, many hours of soothing and enchantment await you in your home. Find this unique scent with the following oriental perfume diffusers: the scented bouquets, the Lampe Berger and the electric diffuser.

Other oriental fragrances

The three examples mentioned above are of course not exhaustive. There are many other scents just waiting for you. Whichever oriental fragrance diffuser you choose, refills are a convenient and economical way to discover each one.
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