Jonathan Adler's collection
Jonathan Adler's collection

A collaboration with modern and offbeat inspirations.

Jonathan Adler’s Collection

Come into a casual and audacious world!

Timeless scented rituals with an elegant design for an original and unforgettable decoration.
THE DESIGNER Jonathan Adler

Designer, potter and author all at once, Jonathan Adler is recognized worldwide for his very colourful interior designs and his modernist creations based on disproportion.

After collaborations with Lacoste, Uniqlo and H&M, Jonathan Adler is now collaborating with Maison Berger Paris for a resolutely original collection!

Known for his numerous collaborations with renowned brands, the designer Jonathan Adler decided to trust Maison Berger Paris and its know-how to elaborate this new range.

Muse Collection

This premium collection is inspired by the artist's flagship creations giving a certain sculptural and atypical dimension to these products. All in delicacy, these poetic and atypical creations reveal some body symbols highlighted by a craft work carried by quality materials. The immaculate porcelain brings out the finely worked frames designed by Jonathan Adler, the metal cap of the candle as well as the gilded mouths in relief, for a result of uttermost glamorous.

Three exceptional objects are waiting for you now!

THE FRAGRANCES 3 new fragrances to discover

Treat yourself to a zesty, refreshing and authentic interlude with the Imperial Green Tea fragrance in the Muse collection. Based on the aromatic scents of tea leaves, it creates a light atmosphere in your home.

Two new fragrances are also available at Maison Berger Paris: Wilderness and Citrus Breeze. The scents of the garden invite themselves into the Wilderness fragrance with tomato leaves giving it character while Citrus Breeze is made with grapefruit. One is woody and masculine, the other is fruity and feminine, will bring beautiful modern olfactory surprises.

All inspired by Jonathan Adler, these fragrances are the image of the collections, sparkling, faceted and complex.


Imperial Green Tea


Citrus Breeze
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