Beneath the Christmas Tree

With its sparkling lights, it is the king of the forest, where dreams collect underneath.

Perfume Beneath the Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree Home Fragrance is a joyful tale. Its green and pure notes are an immediate ode to nature. The freshness rises up, with a heart of fir balm, pine and eucalyptus. Then the timeless woodiness of sandalwood and cedar settles in. It is as if time is suspended, a moment that lasts an eternity.

Head Notes

Pine needles, Green notes, Clean notes

Heart Notes

Pine, Eucalyptus, Christmas tree balm

Base Notes

Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Which gesture to choose
A lamp
Recommended for: the lounge, dining room or bedroom Purifying or soothing, choose your olfactory atmosphere according to your feeling and let yourself be inspired by captivating fragrances.
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A perfume that reflects your interior
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