Cherry Blossom

Between a thousand-year-old ritual and ephemeral blossoming, seize the timeless beauty of an inspirational flower, its endless fragility...

Perfume Cherry Blossom

This Cherry Blossom fragrance invites you to appreciate this ephemeral splendour, this contemplative interlude. The fragrance opens up with a flight of slightly citrusy notes. Slowly, the noble and gracious heart is revealed, while the elegance of cherry blossom competes with the delicacy of rose and green tea. Sweetness then settles in on an enigmatic base of dry amber.

Head Notes

Blackcurrant, Green Algae, Lemon

Heart Notes

Cherry Blossom, Green Tea

Base Notes

Sandalwood, Dry Amber

Which gesture to choose
A lamp
Recommended for: the lounge, dining room or bedroom Purifying or soothing, choose your olfactory atmosphere according to your feeling and let yourself be inspired by captivating fragrances.
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